Le Pirol

Sustainable Luxury Knitwear

Le Pirol makes timeless and sustainable knitwear. All designs have a clear reference to the Nordic knitting traditions.

Le Pirol products are made with the greatest respect for people and the planet. All materials used are of organic origin and comply with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which ensures the lowest environmental impact and fair trade conditions for everyone involved in the production.  

Morten Underberg Olesen, the founder and designer behind Le Pirol, has worked for more than 10 years in the conventional fashion industry. The more Morten saw and learned about the industry the more he disliked his job. Consequently decided to start changing the industry through his own sustainable brand.

Danish Design. Made in Denmark.

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Get to know Le Pirol

Sustainable materials

The choice of materials has a huge impact on how sustainable a specific piece of clothing is. All the materials used in Le Pirol knitwear are made of 100% procent natural and organic materials. 

Organic cotton 

Le Pirol accepts no usage of pesticides on the cotton farms from where he buys his materials. All the cotton used has organic origin and comply with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which ensures the lowest environmental impact and fair trade conditions for everyone involved in the production.

This is important as conventional cotton production uses close to 20 percent of all pesticides used in the world despite the fact that cotton only occupies between 1-2% of all farming area.

The pollution from these pesticides is devastating as cotton is primarily grown in countries with loose if any legislation on the use of pesticides and labour protection.  

Organic merino wool

Wool is just like cotton a wonderful natural material that allow the body to breathe while keeping you dry and warm.

The extra fine merino wool used for Le Pirol products are also of organic origin and GOTS certified to ensure the best possible conditions for the merino sheep as well as people and planet. Mulesing is absolutely prohibited under the GOTS certification. 

Fair working conditions

When using GOTS certified materials in his designs Morten Underbred Olesen ensures that everyone involved in the process, right from the farm to coloring and spinning of the yarn, is working under proper and safe working conditions e.g. being paid living wages and without harmfull chemicals 

The last part of Le Pirols production takes place in Denmark under Danish legislation. Just out side Herning trained knit technicians knit and stitch together both Le Pirols merino wool and cotton collections.

In fact one of the corner stones in Morten’s work is preserving and rethinking the knitting industry in Denmark which was once a huge industry occupying thousands of people. 

Why sustainable fashion

After more than 10 years in the fashion industry Morten Underbred Olesen was feed up with overproduction and harsh condition throughout the value chain. 

But in stead of leaving the fashion industry completely he took up the challenge to create a change from within. This became the starting point of Le Pirol. 

If you want to read more about Morten’s journey from a highly respected job in the conventional fashion industry to a risky start up adventure take a look at our blog. (in Danish)

Interview of Morten Underbred Olesen, founder of Le Pirol

Agile production to minimize waste 

Le Pirol is based on a direct to consumer model which means Morten has chosen to sell directly to his customers through his own webshop and a few selected fashion collectives. 

The local production set-up in Denmark, enables Le Pirol to keep a minimum stock and thereby avoiding over production, which is a well know issue from the conventional fashion industry. This overproduction leds to overconsumption, huge price reductions and even burning of unsold clothing.

Organic knitwear for men and women 

Le Pirol has a sharp focus on sustainable knitwear. Only knitwear! It is the heart and so called core competence of the company.  When that is said Le Pirol also have quite an impressive assortment that covers classic sailor sweaters, all-time favorite striped cotton jumpers, colorfull jumpers, timeless merino sweaters, and stylefull merino dresses, cardigans and much more.